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Our company was born from a profound love for the outback. Growing up in Darwin camping was second nature to us. Camping in comfort makes our trips just one step easier. We took our firstborn on her first camping trip (in our first camper trailer) at 6 weeks old! Needless to say she has now been on many trips around Darwin and Australia with our family and this has only helped to strengthen our love for our country.

Our own family holidays (before and also after children) were the pebbles that started to build this wall of idea`s which in turn began our business Outback & Beyond camper Trailer Hire (to give other people the freedom to see much of our home soil as possible without breaking the bank)! Owning a camper trailer is not something everyone can or wants to do when you take into account the purchase price,rego,insurance,maintenance and some where safe to store it.Taking one of our Outback and Beyond camper trailers will not only give you a home away from home, it will also help you to experence first hand just exactly what nature has to offer with minimal cost.

An Outback and Beyond camper trailer is the perfect way to have a few of those home comforts while also being in the wilderness. Whether it be a quiet weekend just out of Darwin in Kakadu, Litchfield or one of many other great Australian Outback camps. You can travel alone or with the whole family or even travel on an extended adventure, Camper Trailers can go most places and hire for reasonable prices which really does give you a whole other world of opportunity while planning your holiday!

At Outback and Beyond Camper Trailer Hire Darwin we use the ever reliable Challenge camper trailer.Challenge camper trailers are built in South Australia and and will handle the toughest bush tracks in Australia.If you would like to know more about the Challenge camper trailer range contact us and we will be glad to help.
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